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We offer custom worksheet solutions for homework, assessments, skill building, competition prep, and more.

Our Worksheets

Kids easily get bored when math becomes 'busywork'. Our approach is designed to provide variety in assessment and to identify gaps in students' understanding. The possibilities are infinite!
Grade Level

Our approach generates an unlimited variety of questions to test fluency and competency in grade level math.

Skill Development

Our NLG engine can automatically create word problems that go beyond rote calculation to test conceptual understanding.

Test Prep

Our AI system has been trained to generate questions that mimic real questions from competitive exams.

Customizable Worksheets

Choose from a range of topics and customize to your needs.
  • AI generated worksheets are powerful!
  • Our worksheets are organized by granular topics and the questions are meant to test the depth of understanding of students.
  • Our AI engine generates worksheets, for grade level as well as competitive Math tournaments, that match the skill and difficulty levels of past exams.

For Teachers

Teachers can create custom worksheets in a few clicks.

We have done the hard work of curating problems.

For Parents

Practicing few minutes a day will make a world of difference.

Regular and consistent practice with our worksheets will show significant progress. If you are looking to address learning gaps in your student's Math education, our custom worksheets are a great start.

For Schools

One stop for all your worksheet needs.

Customize homework, testing, and assessments using our fun, powerful, and flexible worksheets.

Unfinished learning due to COVID is real -and- inequitable

Students testing in 2021 were about ten points behind in math and nine points behind in reading, compared with matched students in previous years.

- McKinsey Report, "COVID-19 and education: The lingering effects of unfinished learning", July 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to get good at Math is to keep solving problems. Most kids avoid Math due to "boring" rote problems. Our worksheets have interesting word problems that will be fun and challenging to kids!
Math is a foundational building block for disciplines like Engineering, Science and Finance. Our worksheets are designed to build solid Math skills in students at all levels. It is ideal for building specific skills to address gaps, preparing for Math contests or supplementing regular school Math.
We do all the work to organize and structure the worksheets across skills and difficulty levels. Students can choose their own pace as well as frequency. We recommend regular, consistent practice for the most benefit.
AI can make the worksheets difficult. But our AI engine creates worksheets at the right levels to challenge students as well as to build their skill levels.
Parents will have the option to buy worksheet bundles for specific purposes at a one time cost of as little as $4.99. We also offer monthly subscriptions for regular practice.

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  • Our worksheet solutions are built to develop skills, identify and fill learning gaps in young learners.